Blue Ringed Octopus

The Blue Ringed Octopus is a octopus that kills it’s prey by injecting a poison into it in it’s saliva. They inject a poison called Tetrodotoxin. They are deadly and petrify you, the downside is there is no antidote.

Their range is now recorded all over Australia, New Guinea, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia and Japan. More specifically, they are found in rubble or reef, cracks, small stones, on top of reefs and sandy bottoms – often very shallow. They are quite difficult to find.

How They Kill Their Prey
They inject a poison called Tetrodotoxin, like I said, they inject it into you through their saliva. One type of toxin is used to kill the prey and the other is used as a defense. It is even speculated that they don’t need to bite their prey at all, casting the venom near their prey may be all that is needed to kill. 1 milligram is enough to kill a human.

The male dies immediately after the couple mates. The female of the species will lay approximately 50-100 eggs then guard them with her life, literally.


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