John the Giant Slayer

jgsJohn the Dragon Slayer

By: Christian S.




Chapter 1

Dragon Attack


All was well in the village and the villagers were walking and having fun. “It is nice outside. Don’t you think so?” said John. “Yes it is” agreed Rachel and Harry at the same time. “Let’s go play on the swings.” suggested Rachel. “Okay” said Harry and John. While they were playing a dragon came flying into the village “RUN!” yelled Rachel.”AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!” screamed John and Harry. The Dragon got John’s parents “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” yelled John. “It is okay.” said Rachel. “It is not okay, Rachel.” said John. “I will kill that dragon if it’s the last thing I do.” “And we will help” said Rachel



Chapter 2


“Let’s go to the barn and maybe we will find stuff that will help us.” said John. They went to the barn and found a chest. “Maybe it has stuff that will help us.” said Rachel. Harry opened the lid inside it was a walking stick, a ring, and a tunic. John put the ring on and put his arm like he held a shield and it turned into a shield he put his arm down and it turned back into a ring. “Cool!” said John. Then he held the walking stick into the air and it changed to a sword changed. He put it down and it changed back into a walking stick. “Awesome!” said Harry. Then he put the tunic on. Then he beat on his chest and it changed into armor. Then he beat on it again and it turned back into a tunic. Then he found a map” according to the map”, said John, “first we go to the bridge of the troll, Then we go to the cave of the goblins, then all we have to do is follow the trail to the dragon cave.” Great.” said Harry. “Let’s go on an adventure.” said Rachel.

Chapter 3


So they set out on their journey. Then they came to a bridge. “According to the map this is the troll bridge.” said John who was carrying the map and everything else, “I don’t see a troll.” Just then an enormous troll jumped out from under the bridge.    “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” yelled the children. “You are going to have to do something to get across this bridge.” said the troll “You first” he pointed at John. “Okay” he said. “What is 99×99+3 equal.” asked the troll. “I think it is 9,804. “You may pass” said the troll. “Now for you”, he pointed at Harry, “what is 25×25+5=”Harry said, “I think it is 630” “very good” said the troll. “at last you, what is 9×9=””81” said Rachel “Good job all of you.” “Let’s get going.” said Harry.




Chapter 4


Then they came to a mountain. “According to the map,” said John,       ” this is the mountain of goblins.” ”Goblins!” said Rachel. “Yes, now be quiet or we’ll attract them.” said Harry. “Let’s go in.” said John. So they went in. They heard a noise. “What was that?” asked Harry. “Probably just bats.” said Rachel. Then John said “Let’s set up camp.” When John woke up they were in a dark cave. John could just make out the shape of … “GOBLINS” screamed John. Rachel and Harry woke up. They were surrounded by goblins. They all screamed. They jumped up, terrified. The goblins ran after them. They tried to run to the door. But they could not get there. “FIGHT” yelled John. They fought their way to the door. Then, they ran out of the mountain. “That was really, really close.” said John.


Chapter 5


They came close to the dragon cave. “Let’s go inside.” suggested Harry. “ARE YOU CRAZY!!!!!!?” screamed Rachel. “Maybe.” said Harry. “Stop fighting.” scowled John. They went inside. Nobody was there. Then out of nowhere came…Rhaaaaaaar!!! “Ahhh” they screamed. John beat his chest his armor came on. He held his ring like a shield and his walking stick in the air and they transformed. He fought the dragon slash here, whip there, cut over there and finally John cut of the dragons head. Afterward, they saw a nest and empty eggshells. John knew then he had to kill the dragon because if there was one thing he knew, it was dragons grew fast.


Author: Paco

My name is Christian my friends call me Paco. I am 11 years old, I live in Collegeville Pa. I go to school at Evergreen Elementary School and I play the violin.

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