Do you want to know about the amazing and strange animal called the platypus?


Where to find the magnificent creature

The platypus lives on eastern Australia and Tasmania. They live on river banks and dig burrows and block the hole sometimes. (Read on to know what I am talking about.)  Their burrow can be 20 – 2 5 feet (6 – 16 meters long) long. At the end is a sleeping chamber. Most of the time, the burrow is a tight squeeze for the platypus. The burrow is hidden by weeds, reeds, and bushes.

How they reproduce

Scientists believe platypuses mate sometime between July and November. Mating depends on the climate. Females lay eggs 4 weeks after mating. They block the entrance with mud.  (That was what I was talking about earlier) Female lays as many as three eggs. Platypuses have a way to store air while they are laying eggs. Eyes of a baby platypus don’t open for 11 weeks after birth


Platypus life cycle

How and what they eat

They feed early morning and late afternoon – night. Their diet is mostly caddis fly larva. It also eats crayfish, worms, insects, fish eggs, and water plants. It crushes its food with horny grinding patterns at the base of the bill. They come to the surface to chew their food.



They have poisonous spurs on their hind legs. They use it for fighting for females.

It comes out of a sack in their leg. The only ones who have them are males. The platypus has them like a chicken.


What cool features does it have

The platypus has electric sensors on its bill. It uses it to find food. It moves it side to side to use them. It has foot webbing to swim obviously, but did you know that same foot webbing can tuck away easily for digging a burrow. Pretty cool huh! It can hold its breath for 2 – 8 minutes depending on how active it is. Those were facts about the platypus.


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